Annual Theme

Each year, the ANCB provides an annual theme in order to provide a framework for its participating partners. These themes reflect issues of contemporary culture, addressing architecture and urbanism in the light of globalisation, emergent technologies and new media in a rapidly changing world. Themes are geared toward holistic thinking  in the design and organistion of built environments, focussing on the potential of metropolitan technologies and the creative industries in addressing issues of ecological, economical and social concerns.


The architecture discipline is affected by globalisation not only in terms of its practice, but also in terms of its social and cultural roots. While global operation has become commonplace for architects, their traditional points of reference have steadily deteriorated. If globalisation is about the dissolution of borders, space making is its opposite – the definition of limits. In this way, architecture is both agent and victim in the redefinition of global borders. As a physical manifestation of the archetypal desire to establish identitiy through distinction, the making of space becomes a socio-economical, cultural and political act for which our future city makers need to be prepared.

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